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Studio Space

Soft Heart Yoga is now a tenant of the Embody Yoga studios...

...and we will be practicing in the Desert Studio because the Jungle Studio is temporarily closed for renovations.  The Desert is home to the Hot Yoga practice, however, the temperature will be monitored so that it feels like the Jungle Studio.


Embody Yoga is located at:

4650 N Port Washington Rd

Barnabus Complex

you may also visit:










Yoga mats, blocks and other props will be provided but you are always more than

welcome to bring your own.


Please note: you will not be able to book one of our classes through Embody Yoga,

we are only a tenant of their beautiful studios; with that in mind,

please follow Studio Etiquette and be respectful of their space.


Further details about location & how to prepare for class will be provided upon registering here:


How to find Embody Yoga studios from Port Washington Rd headed East down River Woods Pkwy.

We look forward to returning to the Jungle's beautiful atmosphere.  Stay tuned for its complete recovery.


 For Deaf Yogis

Studio Etiquette

 For All Yogis

To help maintain a peaceful space, please...

Be courteous to your instructor and fellow yogis

Turn off or silence all your electronics


Be prompt; if you need to slide in or out, please do so quietly


Remove shoes and leave all belongings at the door

Clean all borrowed props and wipe down mats

Try your very best not to skip savasana; this is essential to yogic philosophy 

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