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Miss Kat...

Kat is a certified RYT 200 (Vinyasa) by the Yoga Alliance.

As a thick and curvy, full bodied instructor, she can understand that her body type is underrepresented in the studios.  She was first introduced to the practice of yoga in 2017 and quickly learned the yogic philosophy that anybody can do yoga, thus falling in love with the practice.  Kat has made it her mission to tell folks that all bodies can feel good and it is never too late to start.

Kat also brings another rare, socially inclusive element to the mat, her first language is sign language; she comes from Deaf parents with generations of extended Deaf family members.  She is an RID certified sign language interpreter and aspires to bring Deaf Culture to the studio.


Soft Heart Yoga's mission is to dispel the myth that yoga is only suited for athletic body types or ideal physiques. We want to provide a safe and sacred space for more self-love and less body-shaming. Everyone deserves to feel good and develop their own personal and spiritual growth.


Our mission holds true to ancient yogic philosophy: anybody can breathe, therefore anybody can do yoga.



Soft Heart Yoga's vision is to see an expansive community of all natural body types on the mat as well as more inclusivity with the deaf community. Our future is to shift consciousness behind accessibility of the practice, and to gain momentum towards more full bodied and deaf instructors.


Soft Heart Yoga is grateful to family, friends and several folks who have supported our business endeavors and believed in our mission and vision.


In particular, our sparkly pink heart sends love to Joanna Brooks, CEO of Embody YOGA, as well as Meg Galarza, CEO of YogaOne.  Without the guidance of these two women, Soft Heart Yoga would not have had a chance to blossom and grow.

We also hold a very special place in our heart for the sacred practice of yoga.

We have immeasurable gratitude and respect for all those who came before us.






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